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NuComfort’s 2020 Dealer Workshop Information

Event Date: 3/27/2020
Event Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Event Location: McDonald’s H.U. Hyatt Lodge, 2715 Jorie Blvd Room 222, Oak Brook IL – Click for Detailed Location Information
     Drew Cameron – Breakout Session 1 & 2

     Marc Marchillo – “In our industry if you aren’t somehow unique and different to a customer, you had better be cheap!”

Drew Cameron, America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Advisor to Home Services Contractors is delivering 2 breakout sessions:

Breakout Session 1:

Getting More Customers to Buy High Efficiency and Advanced Technology: A differentiated, value-added process and method of communication

We have all read books, listened to audio, watched a video or been to seminars that teach the same old sales process of qualifying, presenting, trial closing, handling objections and closing with random results. We have shared the same old sales processes with our colleagues and have modified them over time. Today, everyone on Facebook claims to have the secret formula, magic elixir or silver bullet guaranteed to increase your sales 10X. It’s all a lie and myth!

You have never, nor will you ever sell anything to anyone. From the beginning of time, people choose to buy or choose not to buy. IT’S THEIR CHOICE…FREE WILL. Your job is to build a position of trust in the home so you can give customers good information so they can make a good decision for what they feel is the best possible outcome. In other words, get out of your way and into the “field of flow” that is in harmony with the customer and the way they buy and want to live.

We will provide the required framework to follow in the home and share next-level information you need to understand to navigate today’s marketplace and consumers who possess new buying patterns, and access to an extensive knowledge base and a variety of options that cause customers confusion from competitive chaos. It is this sea of sameness from companies that all comparison-sell which drives customers to comparison-shop the perceived commodities “to compare apples-to-apples” and get what they think is the best deal.

You will discover how to stop the madness and insanity of running into stalls, objections, and cut-throat competition and learn to differentiate your company and solutions and close more sales for more money with greater profitability and customer happiness.

Learning objectives:

  • The Elevated Consumer Buying Experience
  • Comfort Advisor communication skills necessary to build a position of trust and provide an unprecedented customer experience
  • How to be compelling to get more customers to buy high efficiency and advanced technology

Breakout Session 2:

Technician Opportunity Maximization: Communications Excellence for an Amazing Customer Experience

Executing an effective and efficient service call process can yield a myriad of opportunities for customers to learn about and choose to buy a larger scope of repair work; comfort-enhancing, healthy air, and energy-saving components; airflow improvements; whole-house performance modifications; and consider potential replacement/upgrade equipment options and cross-departmental offerings. By learning to develop better communication skills technicians become “of better service” to customers and deliver an unprecedented customer experience.

When technicians understand that they are “serving” the customer, not “selling” the customer they become inspired to aspire to a greater standard of performance and level of service. It is this Servant Leader mentality that allows technicians to maximize the results every service call with integrity. From setting the stage properly technicians are able to increase average tickets and maximize the revenue potential and profitability from every call while delivering greater customer care and happiness. Customers that feel better served will purchase more, purchase more frequently, become loyal clients and provide more referrals. Technicians that can communicate more effectively without feeling like they are selling, but rather serving, will be more at ease, make more sales, feel more fulfilled and be better compensated. And the company will ultimately be more successful.

Learning objectives:

  • The Ultimate Service Call Process
  • Technician communication skills necessary to provide an unprecedented customer experience
  • How to get customers to buy complete permanent solutions not temporary fixes and bundle repairs, add-on products, and service agreements, and consider buying replacement systems.

Marc Marchillo Corporate Training Manager

“In our industry if you aren’t somehow unique and different to a customer, you had better be cheap!”

Whole Home Dehumidifiers has been the fastest growing and most profitable! IAQ category in the last 4 years. If that sentence surprises you, you definitely need to attend this business training course! In this fast paced and fun training seminar you we see real world buying data compiled from HVAC customers across the Midwest, you will see videos of highly successful HVAC contractors and proven methods they use to significantly improve their business regarding Whole Home Dehumidifiers. Successful in home sales of highly profitable whole home dehumidifiers is an excellent and profitable revenue stream that many companies have added to their product lines after attending this training.

We will discuss:

  • How Dehumidifiers Work
  • Solutions Dehumidifiers Provide
  • Understanding The Huge Consumer Dehumidifier Recall
  • Dehumidifier Advertising ,Marketing, and Pricing Ideas
  • Application and Installation Options.

There will be a very special dehumidifier product offering only to those who attend…

Presenter Bio’s

Drew Cameron, America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Advisor to Home Services Contractors and is president of HVAC Sellutions and Energy Design Systems, LLC; the premier industry alliance providing leading-edge technology along with complementary marketing and sales support and resources including marketing planning, budgeting, content, and support; sales recruiting, education, coaching, and consulting for performance and profit enhancement for Home Services Contractors; and design and economic analysis sales software for HVAC and Home Performance companies.

In over four decades in the industry, Drew has worked in all facets of running a residential contracting business.
Drew Cameron can be reached at 610-745-7020   or

Marc Marchillo, is one our industry’s most dynamic Sales Trainers. Marc has done numerous HVAC-IAQ Accessory radio and television programs, as well as sales and motivational sales training seminars in many different industries for companies such as Bose, Yamaha, Sub Zero, and Century 21. He has published articles in “theNEWS,” “Contracting Business” and “HVACR/HYDRONICS Distribution Business” magazines.

These techniques and strategies are based on actual scenarios he has observed by working with thousands of very successful contractors’ teams. These observations will instantly move the sales needle. Marc’s style is interactive, fast-paced and uses a great deal of humor which makes learning fun!