The HVAC industry is a cyclical one. Last month we covered how to keep your HVAC business humming in the off-season, but with spring now right around the corner, it’s time to talk about capitalizing on your customer’s seasonal needs.

Here are some terrific lead generation ideas that will jumpstart your spring HVAC marketing strategy.

Spring HVAC Marketing Checklist

April is still a relatively quiet time for HVAC contractors. Mild temperatures offer a brief period when customers feel comfortable in their homes and businesses without the need to turn on the heating or air conditioning. This lull can be a great time for you to invest in some new marketing approaches that among other things rewards clients for getting ahead of HVAC system repairs and replacements that usually happen in the summer.

Build a Better Website

Quality, helpful content, including video tutorials, helps customers when they run into small HVAC problems they might be able to solve on their own. While this seems counterintuitive to attracting new business, many people will decide they can’t handle the job themselves. That you offered them helpful resources instead of hard selling tactics builds trust and can prove valuable in the long term.

Topics might include:

  • How to replace a filter
  • Keeping HVAC units clear of leaves, grass, and pollen
  • How to clear and clean AC condenser drains

Use Video Marketing

Let’s face it, most HVAC contractors basically sell the same services. Products may vary by manufacturer but are also essentially the same. Set your business apart by highlighting your people. You can create videos that introduce each person in the company and talk about your high-quality customer service. Use social media to promote them. The idea isn’t to sell products and services but to make people more aware of how you differ from the competition.

Use Lead Magnets to Capture Customer Email Addresses

Email remains the number one way to capture lead data. Lead magnets are simply little payoffs you offer customers in exchange for their email address. Discount coupons and eBooks on maintaining their HVAC system are time-proven offers for drawing in new leads or rewarding longtime customers. It’s easiest to accomplish if you use some form of email marketing software, but you can also do it manually. The goal is to send people content on a regular, scheduled basis.

Examples of how to use email include:

  • Sharing a short video that features current customers talking about how they took advantage of a past spring offer; and
  • Presenting a Spring Special coupon or offer that rewards customers for getting a jump on summer services.

You might also want to think about offering a discount on new, state-of-the-art equipment like the high-efficiency whole house Aprilaire air purifiers we’re now offering. These media air cleaners provide outstanding air quality by capturing pollutants that contribute to mold and bacteria in the home as well as those that trigger allergies and asthma conditions.

The Power of Spring HVAC Marketing

Taking advantage of slower times to market your HVAC company can reap big benefits, including sustained customer loyalty and referrals. The bottom line? Putting HVAC lead generation to work for your business during the spring casts a wide net that draws in your targeted market and helps your HVAC business really bloom.