It’s that time of the year when spring cleaning is right around the corner. But how many of your customers know how important it is to start their spring cleaning with their HVAC systems? Scrubbing floors, cleaning out the clutter, and sprucing up furniture and furnishings are all good goals, but if the air in the home isn’t clean, some of it is just wasting time.

The same holds true for your commercial customers. Improved indoor air quality, savings on energy costs, and providing a healthier workplace are all significant benefits to duct cleaning.

As an HVAC services provider, educating customers on how important duct cleaning is to their overall health and well-being is another way to help your business stand out from the competition.

Residential Duct CleaningResidential Duct Cleaning

Here’s what to teach your residential customers so they understand the value of a comprehensive HVAC spring cleaning:

  • It’s a process that thoroughly scours the central unit as well as all other components that make up the HVAC system. Dirt, dust, and pests such as mice, snakes, or worse are all cleared out and the unit is left looking good as new.
  • Air exiting the HVAC unit enters the ducts in the home. Those ducts force air into the home’s interior and back into the HVAC unit. When the ducts are cleaned, the air entering and circulating throughout the home is purer.
  • As the air leaves the HVAC unit and enters the home, it makes a “stop” at vents which often get clogged with dust, pollutants, and even spider webs. Every vent in the home should be scrubbed to ensure the highest quality air is coming into the house.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Spring air duct cleaning for commercial facilities keep your customers’ businesses running smoothly. Facts that support regular duct cleaning include:

  • Clogged air ducts are the number one cause of HVAC failures.
  • Sick building syndrome (SBS) decreases productivity, causes employee illnesses, and can result in tenant dissatisfaction. Building occupants may complain of itchy throats, stuffy noses, allergies, asthma symptoms, and skin disorders.

Restoring a commercial facility’s air ducts to full capability requires using the latest equipment and technology to dislodge contaminants and debris within the ducts, remove them through a good filtration system, and reseal all access holes.

Many HVAC experts suggest a one-a-year cleaning of the air handling unit, supply ductwork, and return ductwork/exhaust in industrial, commercial, and healthcare facilities.

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Along with checking and changing filters, having regular inspections, and keeping systems maintained, spring duct cleaning is another important service to offer your customers.

HVAC contractors who take the time to continually educate their Glendale Heights, Chicago, and Crestwood customers about a healthy home and work environment are offering them huge personal and financial benefits. Together with using quality, innovative products from respected manufacturers, it’s another great way to build customer trust and retention and set your business apart from the competition.