If you’re looking for rooftop units that integrate innovative technology with industry-leading efficiency and easy installation, the new Renaissance™ commercial HVAC line of products from Ruud® are a reliable solution that deliver exceptional comfort to your commercial building customers.

That they also come with a twice-the-standard-length warranty and save you up to 100 minutes in service time over other commercial HVAC brands puts them in a league of their own.

Over a Century of Innovation

The Ruud Renaissance line is the result of years of research and development by a company known for its tradition of introducing leading-edge commercial products that are as reliable as they are efficient. The latest models in the Commercial Renaissance HVAC line have a wealth of smart features that make installation faster and simpler.

Ruud RGECZR 3-5 Ton

These gas/electric rooftops that fit on most common industry standard configurations eliminate the need for a curb adapter, saving you thousands on installation. They can match inlet, outlet, and electrical connections of the most common industry standards. The Plus One® ServiceSmart™ package offers built-in features like the quik-change flex fit rack, quik-slide blower assembly and quik-clean drain pan. These rooftops also offer vertical down or horizontal side convertible airflow.

Best of all, every new Ruud rooftop offers a stainless-steel heat exchanger that comes with a 20-year warranty—that’s twice as long as what competitors offer!

Ruud RGEDZR 7.5-12 Ton

These rooftops have the easiest to service and install features that save you, the contractor, hundreds of dollars. Their new footprint allows for drop-in replacement without the need for a curb adapter, translating into over $1,000 in savings on installation costs. They not only fit on the most common rooftop models, but the gas and electrical connections line up as well. And, like the RGECZR 3-5 tons, they’re available with stainless steel heat exchangers that come with an industry first 20-year heat exchanger warranty.

Ruud RGEDZS 7.5-12 Ton

Now available with (optional) VFD installed, these units have the energy savings of a variable speed blower motor in the 60 to 80% range versus a conventional single speed blower motor. The 7-segment diagnostic board makes troubleshooting a breeze! You’ll appreciate the slide-out condensate drain pan for easy cleaning and the industry’s fastest and easiest access for blower housing and motor removal and service. Designed by and for contractors, these patent pending units also include an adjustable 2″ to 4″ filter rack.

Why the Ruud Renaissance Line is So Special

The package rooftop product line goes a long way in meeting the new demands of a variety of commercial applications:

  • LED diagnostics display with easy to understand fault codes.
  • External lockable gauge ports which let you measure operating pressures without opening the cabinet door.
  • Condenser coils designed to withstand the harshest environments.
  • Drop-in replacement that eliminates the need for a new curb adapter, cutting installation time in half.

Finally, the time you save when performing industry-standard service & preventative maintenance can equal lower service costs for your business.

Customized Solutions

Ruud calls their new Renaissance line the “Rebirth of Cool,” and this package lives up to its name. With its impressive range of heating and cooling solutions and built-to-order systems that meet your customers’ special needs, the line delivers a smart mix of energy cost savings, rebates, an industry-leading warranty, and regulation compliance. It’s ideal for hotels and hospitality venues, office buildings, schools, senior living facilities, gyms and athletic facilities, and retail establishments big and small.

NuComfort has for years been a proud supplier of Ruud products, including replacement parts and indoor air quality products. As an HVAC contractor, offering quality products from a respected manufacturer is a terrific way to build trust and establish yourself as an industry leader. The Ruud Commercial Renaissance line lets you deliver a high-quality product that saves your customers time and money while increasing your business’ productivity. A win-win everyone will love.