When problems arise with HVAC equipment property owners need quick help. Unless an existing relationship exists with a proven local HVAC technician, customers often use Google Search to quickly find the HVAC support they need. This research for local service is called a ‘local search’ which has been a rapidly growing source of new customers for HVAC companies.

Search has long been a challenging marketing channel for local HVAC contractors due to the high competition. Search Engine Optimization requires a long-term approach while regular paid search text ads do not strongly convert these searches. A more appealing and immediate direct response opportunity is Google’s Local Service Ads which get your HVAC business in front of these searchers right away.

What Are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads are displayed at the top of Google Search results in an engaging format for searchers within a specified area and who are searching for specific services. As the advertiser in the arrangement, you have the ability to customize the area that you want your Local Service Ad (LSA) to show and for users searching for services that you offer. The LSA format allows searchers to inquire, send you a message or place a call, resulting in a new lead for your business.

Within the search results, LSA’s display:

  • Business name
  • Reviews
  • Google verification status
  • Service Area
  • Phone Number
  • Hours & availability

If a user clicks an ad, but not the call button, the ad expands into a more engaging format that includes:

  • Google Verification status along with an explanation of the verification.
  • Phone number
  • Hours
  • Available services & service area
  • Business bio & reviews

Why Use Local Service Ads?

  • Instant visibility at the top of Google Search results.
  • Establishment of trust with potential customers through either a ‘Google Screened’ icon or a ‘Google Guarantee’ icon.
  • Maintain a high degree of control for the searches and keywords that you want to be visible for.
  • Only pay for relevant HVAC leads that are valuable to your business.
  • Ease of use. Google offers a seamless process with tools that are easy to learn effective account management and adjustment of advertising settings.

How can HVAC businesses get started with Local Service Ads?

As heating and air conditioning services fall within Google’s service category business eligibility for LSA’s, business owners and marketers can sign up. 

Local Service Ads Setup Steps & Tips

  1. Access your Local Service Ads account. Sign up for a Google account if you do not have one.
  2. Enter business information and list your offered HVAC services.
  3. Set your monthly budget. A larger budget will result in more leads. If you are unsure on what your budget should be to start, we recommend starting with a lower initial budget. This will allow you to understand your cost per lead and how increasing your budget will impact performance. Overtime, an ideal budget will become clearer as you test different monthly budget totals.
  4. Launch your Local Service Ads.
  5. Monitor performance weekly to adjust any settings as needed. If no leads are acquired, adjust services offered, service area if not accurate, and increase monthly budget.

Management of Local Service Ads

To manage your Local Service Ad campaign, Google offers access online and through Local Service Ads apps for Android & iOS. With these tools, you can:

  • Manage your leads generated by the ads with the ability to communicate directly with customers and leads.
  • Monitor lead status and ad performance
  • Adjust your monthly advertising budgets or pause campaigns.

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