Pets do so much to enhance our lives. They offer companionship, unconditional love and endless fun as we go through life together with them. Unfortunately, they also make our lives a little more complicated at home. Inside the confines of home, pets shed dander into the air and bring in outdoor contaminants, which can really affect indoor air quality. If your HVAC customers are pet owners, it will help the bottom line and their HVAC performance if you advise them on the heightened need for ongoing HVAC maintenance in a pet owner’s home.

Poor air quality can result in problems like: 

  • Persistent headaches
  • Nausea
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Dizziness
  • Sore throat and runny nose
  • Flu-like symptoms

For someone who already is experiencing respiratory problems or allergies, indoor air quality issues can make all their symptoms a lot worse. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, as long as the right HVAC maintenance is being done. Below are helpful tips for improved air quality, HVAC maintenance opportunities and services to recommend to your pet owner clients: 

  • Changing filters regularly: You probably already know that a dirty, clogged filter will make the whole system work harder and can lead to icing over of the coils, poor performance, higher electric bills, premature wear of the blower motor and other components and a whole list of other problems. If there are pets in the home, that filter is probably going to need to be changed even more often, maybe as frequently as every 30 to 60 days. Advise the customer on the right filter for the system; it needs to be something that will trap fuzz, pet dander and contaminants without being so restrictive that it impedes airflow through the unit. 
  • Clean the carpets regularly: Many pet owners have opted for hardwood floors or tile, but there are still plenty of homes that have carpeting wall-to-wall. Carpeting has its own set of indoor air quality issues, as it sheds fibers, harbors dust and odors and off-gasses when it’s still new-ish. Those problems are multiplied when there are pets in the home, and of course all the pet dander and contaminants are stirred up again just by walking across a floor. Homes with pets and carpeting should vacuum regularly, have the carpets professionally cleaned regularly and should consider a HEPA filter for enhanced filtration. 
  • Groom pets regularly: A short-haired dog or cat will produce dander, and it’s just logical that a longer-haired pet will mean more dander and fur floating around in the air. Pet owners should make sure their pets are groomed and brushed regularly, preferably outside.hvac tips for pet owners
  • Duct cleaning: Of course ductwork needs to be cleaned regularly to eliminate any accumulation of dust, mold and other contaminants. It just stands to reason that a home that has more dust and fuzz due to pets will need to be professionally cleaned more frequently – maybe once yearly rather than every other year. The homeowner can also help by vacuuming the floor registers and/or vents as part of routine house cleaning. If the registers are removable, a hose attachment for the vacuum can get a pretty fair amount of dust and debris from down inside the duct. 
  • Protect the HVAC equipment: In the case of a downstairs furnace, a buildup of dust and pet hair can interfere with the pilot light and proper operation of the system. For an outdoor AC or heat pump, a young and curious dog might take too keen an interest in the unit and might start marking his territory on it, leading to corrosion and damage. The homeowner should consider a barrier to keep pets away from the unit, such as a child gate downstairs and maybe a fence around an outdoor unit. 

Additional Help 

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