For local HVAC businesses that are trying to grow new leads online, Google My Business is an essential part of the digital marketing promotional mix. Read on to learn how you can use Google My Business to reach your customers and how to best use the platform for long-term success.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform for local businesses to manage their business information to be found in Google Search and Google Maps. Google My Business has rapidly grown in importance in both customer experience and search marketing.

Why Use Google My Business?

Whenever a problem occurs with HVAC equipment, many property owners and managers turn to Google Search for quick help. In their search for a proven local HVAC technician, potential customers can find a variety of different search result types resulting from their Google search. 

Depending on the keywords used in a “local search”, there are a combination of these result types in Google Search that can appear. Some of these results are free “Organic” results or paid advertising results, such as “Local Service Ads”. In most cases, a map will appear at the top of the search results page, along with a “Google map pack” that displays local HVAC businesses and business information. These are the Google Maps results, which displays information from a business’ “Organic” Google My Business listing.

Benefits of GMB for HVAC:

  • Establish your brand in the market and compete with other local HVAC businesses for potential new leads.
  • Allows for your business information at the top of Google Search results. Aside from essential business information, Google My Business allows you to share more engaging content with your market through Google Posts.
  • Ease of use. Google offers a seamless process with tools that are easy to learn effective account management and adjustment of advertising settings.

Why Manage Your Google My Business?

Managing your “Google My Business” or “GMB” listing is important for two reasons. The first reason is to maintain a positive image and provide a good user experience for your current and potential customers. The second reason is that a higher quality GMB listing results in improved visibility in these Google Maps results that show for local searches in your area.

Within the search result page, Google’s “Map Pack” displays the following business information:

  • Business name
  • Reviews
  • Business Type
  • Hours & availability
  • Click to Call button

Once a Google My Business result is clicked on mobile devices, the available business information expands to the user’s entire screen including (in order):

  • Business photos
  • Business name & ratings
  • Overview information: Service area, hours & Availability, phone number & website information
  • Business Updates: Displays recent ‘Google Posts’ uploaded by business owners.
  • Reviews

How can HVAC businesses get started with Google My Business?

If you don’t have an existing Google My Business listing, you can claim your business once you prove your ownership of the company. If your listing is already set up, scroll down to read more on “Management of Google My Business”.

Google My Business Setup Steps

  1. Access your Google My Business account. Sign up for a Google account if you do not have one.
  2. Complete Google’s setup process to add or claim your business listing by providing all required business information to Google.
  3. Ensure that all business information including NAP (name, address & phone number) data is correct.
  4. Verify your listing through Google’s verification instructions which requires a physical business address. Google offers multiple verification methods including phone, mail, email, instant and bulk verification.
  5. Improve your listing by adding content such as images and posts.

Management of Google My Business

There are varying degrees of commitment that an HVAC business owner or manager can take in managing their GMB listings. At the minimum you should ensure your business information is accurate if anything changes occur to your website address or other contact points such as your phone number.

To most effectively manage your Google My Business listing for Search Engine Optimization growth that will result in maximum leads, you should actively review the following on a weekly basis:

  • Actively review and respond to any positive or negative reviews
  • Monitor for any decrease in average rating or performance.
  • Create Google Posts for enhanced visibility highlighting news or other valuable and relevant information to your customers.
  • Ensure NAP data is correct across third party citation sites.


Monthly performance reports are available from Google, which are emailed to your inbox. For more detailed performance, make sure to access your account and review for any unexpected changes in performance. To do this, follow these steps once logged in:

1.Select the ‘Manage Locations’ page to the left side of your screen:

2.Select the locations that you want insight into performance:

3.Click the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu and select ‘Insights’

4.Select the reports you want and click next:

5.Select your time frame and download your report. That’s it!

Google My Business is a fantastic platform for HVAC businesses to grow their digital presence and to communicate with their customers. After implementing these best-practices, over time your HVAC GMB listings will continue to grow in visibility, driving more leads.

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