Are you stuck on how to generate more leads for your HVAC services? Successfully marketing your HVAC business to local customers means adapting to a new consumer world.

If you hate the idea of spending more time on marketing than servicing customers, the good news is there’s no need to reinvent the marketing wheel to gain new leads. Yes, consumers expect more from the businesses they give their money to. It’s also true you can’t merely rely on outdated methods like flyer distribution and phone book ads. But the approaches here help you embrace a new digital world, aren’t difficult to incorporate, and will help you stand out from the competition.

Why Local Marketing Matters

Local companies need a targeted marketing strategy to attract customers who may not realize their business exists. By combining off and online techniques, you can reach potential leads that live within a certain distance of your business. You’ll also make great inroads into building mutually beneficial relationships. As a local business owner, you have a reputation to uphold. Word-of-mouth, good or bad, spreads fast in a local market!

Here’s how to make sure the word on the street about your HVAC business is “hire them.”

Build a Better Website

All HVAC websites are not created equal. It may take a complete redesign or just a few updates, but some simple strategic changes will make your site a better lead generator:

  • Your phone number should be prominently featured at the top right-hand corner of the site. This is where people expect to find it.
  • Make sure your site is secure (HTTPS). It’s both a trust and search engine ranking factor.
  • Loading speed has an impact on your bottom line, especially on mobile. Make sure your site is mobile optimized.

Experts says over 90% of customers look at a company’s website when choosing an HVAC contractor so making sure yours is optimized is a good first step.

Communicate your Unique Value Proposition

What does your company specialize in? Do you focus on residential or commercial services? Do customers leave feedback that you consistently exceed their expectations? The goal here is to show (not tell) people why they should choose you over the competition. Whether it’s ductless technology, green energy, or complicated equipment installations, highlight why you’re the best local choice.

Work with Other Local Businesses

Networking with other local businesses, including HVAC companies, can increase your exposure and attract customers. Attend local chamber of commerce events. Meet with realtors who can recommend you to buyers and sellers who need HVAC work and inspections. The possibilities are unlimited, and you’ll not only gain referrals but raise your profile and develop a positive reputation.

Jump on the Video Marketing Bandwagon

More than 85% of U.S. viewers turn to YouTube to learn something new. HVAC video marketing increases your reach, builds trust, and establishes your brand in ways print can’t compete with. You can go the professional route, but today’s personal devices do a fine job of creating videos like customer testimonials, how-tos, behind the scenes footage, and key benefits of your services.


If like most SMBs you have a limited marketing budget, you may want to consider giving Google Ads a try. Along with making sure your free Google My Business account is up-to-date, buying pay-per-click ads put you in the top results on local searches. And Local Services ads (LSA) are a separate service you should take a look at.

If you want to attract customers who stay loyal to your HVAC company these tips will help you widen your reach and grow your business.