It’s no secret that air and dirt can cause major problems in HVAC systems. The Caleffi DIRTMAG is designed to continuously remove the debris and dirt contained in the hydronic circuits of heating and cooling systems and is capable of automatically removing most of the dirt present in the system.

Do You Really Need Magnetic Dirt Separation in a Hydronic System?

The short answer: yes. You’ve seen that nasty, black sticky powder in hydronic systems. Ever wonder how that “boiler ink” forms? Nearly all hydronic systems have at least one welted component such as pump volutes or expansion tanks that are made from steel or cast iron. And all hydronic fluids contain some air. Mix oxygen, water, and steel or iron and what you get is corrosion, some of which is magnetite that makes its way into valve seats and packing’s as well as wetted bearings. The resulting friction can cause wear, leaking, seizing, and, ultimately, mechanical failure.

Highlights of the Caleffi DIRTMAG

Highly efficient at dirt and magnetic debris separation, the DIRTMAG continuously removes both ferrous and non-ferrous debris as small as 5 microns from HVAC systems. Product features include:

  • Powerful, removable magnets designed to remove up to 100% of impurities.
  • Low velocity zone and large dirt capture area that simplifies debris removal and reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Solid mesh construction that uses gravity and deflection to separate particles.
  • Clip-on magnetic ring and easy to operate purge valve.

The DIRTMAG also has two and a half times the removal performance of standard dirt separators and all components are highly resistant to corrosion from hydronic chemical additives.

How the DIRTMAG Works

The circulation of contaminated water in HVAC systems often results in rapid wear and damage to vital components. It may also cause blockages in heating elements, pipes, and heat exchangers. The DIRTMAG separates these impurities and collects them in a large chamber that can be removed even when the equipment is running. Dirt removal is made possible by a two-step process:

  • Impurities strike the surface of an internal element made up of radial reticular surfaces which causes them to separate and drop into the bottom of the body.
  • The internal volume slows down the flow speed of the impurities and with the help of gravity they’re separated, discharged, and removed by opening the drain cock with the provided key.

The Caleffi DIRTMAG is the ideal tool for helping you combat both the development of iron oxide and its unavoidable impact on HVAC systems.