Does it really matter what is attached to your evacuation rig? It does if you want to increase the efficiency and quality of your vacuum. Compared to others on the market, the Accutools TruBlu system comes with a better hose that is fast, tough, and flexible, making pulling a proper vacuum that much more quick and easy.


Highlights of the TruBlu Evacuation Kit

What sets TruBlu hoses apart is that they’re dedicated evacuation hoses that dramatically reduce evacuation times, it can cut an hour-long job down to just minutes when compared to the 1/4-inch charging hose. The kit is compatible with most KF-16, and it has vacuum-tight connections and fittings (additional parts and accessories are available too!).


Where other manufacturers use stiff, heavy, and gassy refrigerant transport hose and simply “recertify” it for use in vacuum applications, the TruBlu hoses are exclusively designed and intended for sealed system evacuation. Refrigerant transfer hoses are simply not engineered for ideal evacuation situations as they become lined with oils and contaminants that make a deep, fast vacuum almost impossible.

The TruBlu hose is:

  • Extremely tough
  • Ultra-smooth bored
  • Reinforced with flexible wire that keeps it from kinking or collapsing
  • Resistant to abrasion and crushing
  • Made with a UV compounding with exceptional weather resistance that provides years of reliable service


And the complete line of BluVac Micron Gauges can be paired with the BluVac app which makes it easier than ever to complete an evaluation process that results in a better-running system that lasts longer and experiences fewer problems over its lifetime.


Vacuum Exclusivity

TruBlu dedicated evacuation hoses should never be used as refrigerant transports hoses or for positive pressure applications. The O-rings used for the vacuum seal will be knocked loose under positive pressure, and if there is refrigerant liquid or vapor inside the hose, the operator can be exposed to serious risk. Refrigerant can also cause severe burns and eye damage or loss.

One Hose Fits All

So, what does this all mean for your evacuation rig? Accutools likes to say, “short fat hoses trump long skinny ones, every time!” A TruBlu hose can be field-configured for the pump and service valve connections from 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and even 1/2-inch fittings. And while all mechanical fittings leak to some degree, the TruBlu fittings and hoses have achieved leak rates far lower than other systems, even with the smallest vacuum pumps.


A Range of Kits to Choose From

There are four TruBlu evacuation kits: The Pro, Advanced, Starter, and Starter XL. They all contain one TruBlu hose, stainless steel, and aluminum clamps, replacement O-rings, three KF-16 adapters, a core removal tool, and carrying case. The Advanced kit adds an additional hose and core removal tool as well as extra clamps, and the Pro kit includes two additional hoses, an extra core removal tool, and two Schrader Depressor tools.


The bottom line: When pulling a vacuum, you need the proper tools. If you’re going to invest in a high-quality evacuation rig, don’t undermine its performance by using hoses and other components that are not designed and engineered to do the job. The TruBlu system is hands down the best evacuation kit available today.