Right now, when they combine Azure’s ECM furnace blower motor with an ecobee4 smart thermostat, your Chicagoland customers can receive a sweet bonus from ComEd that represents significant savings. All installations must be completed by July 31, 2019, so you still have plenty of time to boost your summer sales with this offer.

Why It’s Smart to Upgrade a Furnace Blower Motor

Since the furnace blower motor is one of the primary energy consumers in an HVAC system, upgrading it is one of the best ways to improve comfort and system efficiency in one fell swoop. The ECMs manufactured today are the best they’ve ever been and can provide great airflow delivery to heating and cooling systems.

When customers decide to upgrade to a new system, keeping the old school, inefficient furnace blower motor may keep them from receiving the efficiency gains they expected. Upgrading to an ECM model avoids that disappointment as well as the higher utility costs that come with it.

It’s difficult to find a better replacement than the Azure digi-motors from MARS when upgrading to an ECM unit. The variable speed direct drive units are a superb drop-in replacement for X-13 and PSC motors and the built-in surge protector provides excellent safety for equipment while streamlining the installation process.

One of the greatest features of the Azure digi-motor is the auto-sizing learn mode that allows the equipment to easily measure the application’s external static pressure and then set the optimal speed for consistent comfort.

The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

We all know that heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of a home’s energy costs. Smart thermostats are an efficient and eco-friendly solution that offer better control over temperature and climate and save customers more on their energy bills. Sensors in the thermostats control heating and cooling systems and work in conjunction with an HVAC system via Wi-Fi, offering additional perks and advantages that go far beyond temperature control. Customers can now operate the system from any location outside the home, even on the other side of the world.

Why the ecobee4? Because it’s the leading smart thermostat on the market today. The most accurate of all available models, it offers an expandable sensor network as well as control through a laptop and/or mobile device. Intelligent automation enables the device to detect when the home is occupied or empty and adjust the temperature accordingly. As a result, the ecobee4’s proprietary DataRhythm technologies can result in annual energy savings of up to 25%.

Better Together

For HVAC contractors, offering accessories and add-ons is a good way to increase the margin of your average job. Of course, what matters most is that the upgrades are of real value to your Glendale Heights, Chicago, and Crestwood customers. A high-efficiency replacement furnace blower motor like the Azure and an ecobee4 smart Wi-Fi thermostat are two great add-ons that not only help to reduce energy bills but also protect systems.