As your customers spend more time indoors during the pandemic and are around others more frequently, public health professionals predict a spike in viral infections. Due to the increase in close proximity and the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through aerosolized particles, there is a renewed urgency on indoor air quality and its role in health. 

The bad news is that aerosolized virus particles can suspend in the air for an extended period of time. The good news is that there’s an HVAC technology that can make real improvements that don’t just enhance air quality, but can actually neutralize the Covid-19 virus making your clients feel safer and more comfortable. That technology is bipolar ionization. 

What Is Bipolar Ionization? 

Bipolar ionization (BPI), also sometimes called needlepoint bipolar ionization, is a technology that’s been in use for years in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, hotels, schools, churches and even some residences. The BPI system all revolves around the fact that a virus cannot survive without a hydrogen bond; it creates a plasma field filled with positive and negative ions, with ions fusing along the surface of the virus and capturing its hydrogen bond. The process utilizes HVAC air cleaners that create the ions which then negate the viral particles, resulting in not only a reduction in viral particles but other pathogens as well.

The electrical fields generated by BPI trigger oxidation in a virus’ cells, causing a breakdown of gases. It doesn’t just work at the virus level, either; the millions of ions generated in a BPI system can also attach to dust particles and droplets that carry viruses. BPI has also been proven to work against allergens, bacteria, odors and VOCs. The chemical reaction it produces can be effective against over 99% of microbes and other contaminants in a matter of minutes. Studies showed that BPI was a weapon in neutralizing airborne SARS, MERS, norovirus and various flu bugs in recent years. A plasma ionizer can also lead to utility bill savings for your clients by recirculating and purifying indoor air, reducing the need for intake of outdoor air.

An argument against this method for pathogen control is that ozone can be created, which can be harmful to human health. While the CDC has stated that safety concerns associated with bipolar ionization have been resolved, it’s critical for HVAC businesses to review the safety concerns and performance data to identify the most appropriate equipment for their clients. There are a number of consumer protection standards for the equipment to be installable such as the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Ozone Emissions from Air Cleaners as well as the UL standard 2998. Once properly reviewed by your management team, technicians and with the support of the equipment manufacturer, you can then advise clients on this technology to help them get closer to normal operation and living.

How Does a Plasma Ionizer Work? 

  • A plasma ionizer is mounted just downstream from the air handler and is activated whenever air is moving, producing millions of positive and negative ions. 
  • The ionic charge is carried through the duct system and into the room, where they can interact with particulates, germs, viruses, bacteria and any other contaminants. 
  • Charged ions attach to contaminants, oxidize them and break them down, eliminating odors and VOCs.
  • Particles that are charged negatively become “sticky” and cluster together into larger particles, which can then successfully be trapped by the filter medium and removed from air flow. 

hvac bipolar ionization

What is our Preferred Bipolar Ionization Equipment?

The Air Oasis Bi-Polar is a simple installation that is mounted on the inlet blower housing. The AirOasis Bi-Polar 2400 is a compact, yet highly efficient whole house air purifier and bipolar ionizer. It is rated to eliminate up to 99% of contaminants and pathogens and is a viable solution to integrate into your offerings thanks to it’s simple installation requirements. 

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