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There are more types of condensing units available than ever before to help homeowners efficiently deal with hot temperatures. These units are equipped with a variety of different components with varying specifications, offering HVAC contractors plenty of options. Condensing units equipped with inverter compressors are state of the art models that provide homeowners the greatest comfort.

Prior to the use of inverter technology in air conditioning systems, fixed-speed compressors were the standard. As these compressors could only be turned on at either 100% or powered off to achieve a desired temperature, they resulted in inefficient energy consumption. As air conditioning needs vary throughout any single day, savings from modulating air conditioning systems that utilize inverter compressors have been very high. Since the widespread adoption of inverter compressors in the HVAC industry, these compressors have made a lasting impact for technicians and homeowners.

What is an Inverter in Air Conditioners?

Inverters are compressors which convert AC electricity to DC through state-of-the-art electronics. Inverters create a modulating AC system that load matches to current conditions, providing optimal comfort and energy savings. 

Benefits of Inverters in Air Conditioning

  • Better customer comfort through modulation providing optimal dehumidification
  • Improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills
  • Quieter operation

How Does an Inverter Compressor work? 

  • AC current is converted to DC using diodes in a DC converter and varies the hertz, or cycles of current. 
  • The DC current is then available to be utilized by a variable-frequency drive of the compressor motor.
  • Flow rate of the refrigerant is adjusted as needed by the inverter drive, which can alter compressor motor speed anywhere from 20% to 100%.
  • A thermostat or other temperature monitor adjusts compressor motor speed and the resulting refrigerant flow rate to achieve desired temperature.

Sizing Inverter Compressors

Inverter compressors come in varying operating ranges to best serve cooling needs. Selecting a condensing unit with the right inverter for the desired area to cool is essential for efficient operation. For further guidance, contact us today about a Ruud inverter condensing unit for your split-system applications or the Haier inverter units for mini split-system applications.

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