To succeed, every business needs to grow its customer base and reach new customers. That’s why so many business owners focus their marketing efforts in that direction. But did you know there’s something more profitable than simply spending your marketing dollars on getting new customers?

Developing an HVAC customer retention strategy is just as crucial to your company’s long-term success as attracting new customers. Research shows that for all industries, simply increasing your customer retention rates by 5% can raise your profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%. And in the HVAC industry, customer retention generates profits that far exceed other sectors.

A Modern HVAC Customer Retention Strategy

Nothing has changed the face of customer retention quite like the evolution of personalization. From mobile devices to videos and location-based marketing, HVAC marketing trends are more automated than ever and they’re providing measurable results, including increased customer loyalty. That makes focusing on services that improve customer relationships key.

These 5 simple steps can help you build an effective HVAC customer retention strategy that delivers solid results.

Reduce Attrition Rates

All businesses lose some customers, but you can reduce how often it happens by paying close attention to the relationship. Taking someone for granted is never a good idea, and that includes in business. Loyalty should be rewarded with personalized services that include initiatives and projects you can both look forward to. In other words, you may have sold them a product or service, but you’ve got to give them a reason to keep coming back.

Keep Selling

You made the sale, now make sure to thank the customer for their purchase and remind them why you’ll always be the right choice for them. The easiest way to do this? Add them to your customer email list and stay in touch by supplying information on future offers, new product launches, and other relevant content. If you already use an HVAC CRM, this is a quick and easy task. If you don’t, you should consider investing in one.

Enhance Customer Service

Expectations of a friendly face and exceptional customer service is what keeps people coming back. There are plenty of HVAC companies to choose from so you’ll need to make sure your customers feel they’ve gotten the best service possible. To that end, nothing builds trust like consistency. When people know they can rely on you to get the work done and deliver the results they need, their takeaway will be that you went out of your way to take care of them.

Ask for Feedback

A great way to deliver superior customer service is by asking your customers what they want and then giving it to them. Tailored customer satisfaction surveys can help you learn what the customer enjoyed about their experience, where they think it could have been improved, and what new products and services would make their life easier.

Create a Rewards Program

Well-integrated loyalty programs are one of the greatest ways to boost customer retention. The concept is simple: when you reward purchasing behavior you increase a customer’s desire to stay loyal to your company. Programs may give free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance savings on new products. Many programs offer rewards for referrals.

Keeping Customers Happy

The HVAC industry is fiercely competitive and retention marketing is what can give you an edge. A successful HVAC customer retention strategy is one that incentivizes customers to buy from or work with your business again and again. And that’s typically the result of a positive customer experience along with the value of the products or services the customer receives.