Customer satisfaction is the highlight of any business that performs a lot of services. Without it, you are left trying to find a new client every time. If you focus on your customers’ needs from the beginning, you can make it easier for them to choose you every time.

1. Keep Customer Processes Simple

When someone is calling because he or she needs a repair, the person may be freezing or overheating and want a solution quickly. People in this situation may not have a lot of patience to follow a complex set of procedures to get service, pay for it or provide feedback. Aim to make every customer interaction as easy as possible. Offer a variety of payment options, especially for expensive repairs or new equipment purchases. Automate systems for payment and feedback requests, so that clients can complete the step in a minute or two.

2. Respond Promptly to Calls, Emails and Messages

Availability is probably the most important part of running a service-based business, but you would be surprised how many companies fail this step. Countless people have a horror story of the midnight repair calls that never picked up. Every avenue you offer to customers for contact needs to have a staff member watching it and responding as quickly as possible. Even if you have limited staff and spend most of your time on calls, you can still devote a few minutes here and there to keep your other customers appropriately informed.

3. Stick to the Schedule

The adage of the contractor who provides an eight-hour window and then shows up, unannounced, two hours late is a cliche. There will be times when you simply cannot make it to a client’s house at the arranged time. Your goal should be to make these instances as infrequent as possible. If you realize a delay, notify your customers of the revised estimate for your arrival. This will show that you respect their time as much as you expect them to respect yours.

4. Listen First, Then Ask Questions

When you first take a call, you may not be able to tell the difference between a customer who has relevant details to share and one who simply likes to ramble. Clients want to know that you will pick up, but also that you will listen to the full description of the problem before you try to solve it. Take a few minutes to let them explain what is going on before you ask questions to clarify your understanding. A slow start may help you confirm that you know the extent of the issue.

5. Provide Easy-to-Understand Options

The solution to the customer’s problem may be obvious, but you still need to get his or her buy-in to proceed. This is where understanding becomes crucial. Clients may struggle to make a choice if they are unsure of what is happening. Focus on creating options that are easy for them to follow. If you tend to use a lot of professional jargon, ask friends or family members to practice with you.

When you put your customer first in your HVAC business, you may find that everything else falls into place. Keeping your customers informed and assisted at every stage of the process provides several opportunities to establish your company as the one to choose for the next job.