If you’re like a lot of HVAC business owners, you probably started out in the field, perfected your skills, and became an expert at servicing and installing HVAC equipment. And, just like those other owners, you may not have gotten much training in how to operate a business. If you’re lucky, you had some good mentors along the way and managed to build yourself a nice enterprise.

Whether you’re already an HVAC contractor or are getting ready to start your own company, these tips offer great insight into running a successful HVAC business.

How to Run a Successful HVAC Business

It should come as no surprise that the secret to running a successful HVAC business is, in one way or another, customer-centric. How do you make your company rise above the competition? Excellent customer service in the form of skilled technicians, timely assistance, and customer follow-up is what it takes to make your business flourish.

1. Recruit the Right Talent

A reliable team of technicians and office support staff who know the value of attention to detail are the heart of your business. Through fewer scheduling mishaps and technician errors, they can establish your business as one that’s trustworthy and professional. Once you have a great team in place, be sure to regularly send them for additional training in both technical and customer service skills.

Finally. always keep your eye out for new talent that might make a great addition to your team. Whether you’re in a position to hire them immediately or not, it’s worth building a relationship so they’re ready to come on board when you have an opening or the financial means to add extra staff.

2. Continue to Learn

The HVAC industry has always been a changing one, but today it’s happening at a much quicker pace. There are new innovations and technologies popping up regularly and new rules and regulations that impact the industry. Do what’s necessary to keep yourself prepared and commit yourself and your team to a life of learning. The good news is it’s easier than ever to keep on track with the industry’s latest changes. Be sure to network with fellow professionals, follow popular blogs, read trade magazines, and attend conventions and tradeshows.

3. Provide Fast and Efficient Service

Your technicians can only work so fast, but you can give them the modern tools they need to work as quickly as possible while still providing outstanding service. Consider investing in:

  • Mobile quoting software that lets you provide quotes when an additional service is needed while on a job.
  • HVAC contractor apps offer immediate access to inventory levels, customer profiles, and other information a tech may need while on a service call.
  • Mobile payments apps streamline the billing process and are eco-friendly to boot by cutting down on paperwork.

4. Take Advice from Your Customers

It can be a simple phone call or a multi-question survey but asking customers in a fun and engaging way to provide feedback may be the #1 key to running a successful HVAC business. There’s no better way to ensure a customer is satisfied than by following up with them after a job is complete. Ask about their experience with your company staff, the technicians who worked on the job, and the quality of the work performed. And do it as soon as possible to beat having to read a negative review online.

The bottom line is when your customers are happy, your business thrives. Just remember that it takes time to build a successful HVAC business. So be patient and trust the process. It works!